Gammons On Felger & Mazz: Red Sox Have ‘Done Best Thing’ For Bard

December 31, 1969 12:00 AM
Gammons On Felger & Mazz: Red Sox Have ‘Done Best Thing’ For Bard
" Peter Gammons of MLB joined Felger and Massarotti Wednesday afternoon to talk some Boston Red Sox, including Daniel Bard’s demotion to Pawtucket and Kevin Youkilis’ trade value.

Bard was sent down to Triple-A on Tuesday after allowing five runs on one hit and six walks Sunday in Toronto.

“I think they’ve done the best thing for him,” Gammons said of the demotion to Pawtucket. “He has to go find himself and throw strikes. I know it’s difficult to go back to the minor leagues, but his future is much better served by going back to the minors and pitching a lot and pitching so nobody is saying ‘if you blow this game, the end is coming.’”

“Daniel puts so much pressure on himself to begin with that being up here, I think he is so respected with the team, but it doesn’t do any good if he can’t be used in a game,” he said. “I think this is what he has to do and just go out and reestablish what he had.”

“I think he’s going to end up coming back as a reliever, if he doesn’t get traded,” said Gammons, noting there are teams monitoring his situation "

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