Gresh & Zo: Can The Red Sox Go On A Surge?

July 12, 2012 12:00 AM
Gresh & Zo: Can The Red Sox Go On A Surge?
" Gresh and Zo kick off Thursday’s show talking some Boston Red Sox.

With the unofficial second half of the season set to begin Friday night for Boston, and injured stars Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford set to rejoin the team, Gresh and Zo wonder how much these Red Sox can improve moving forward.

“Bottom line is no pitcher is coming back. Those two guys (Beckett and Lester) who are 12-20 really need to get on fire, and I don’t see anything that is trending that way,” said Zolak. ”The pitching is a problem, it’s going to continue to be a problem, and they have good teams coming in here before the deadline at the end of the month. You’re going to know what this team is in the next two weeks.”

Roche: Second Half Hinges On Rotation

“The starting pitching is the problem,” said Gresh. “It’s crazy to think, for once, a Red Sox GM built a bullpen in the offseason that has performed really well. It seemed like year after year Theo Epstein had to make moves for relievers at the deadline to shore up the bullpen "

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