Gresh and Zo: Jon Heyman Discusses Red Sox-Dodgers Blockbuster

August 27, 2012 12:00 AM
Gresh and Zo: Jon Heyman Discusses Red Sox-Dodgers Blockbuster
" CBS Sports MLB Insider Jon Heyman joined Gresh & Zo a day early on Monday to discuss the blockbuster trade between the Red Sox and Dodgers over the weekend.

“Normally big players aren’t traded in August, so I was surprised,” said Heyman. “But as the day went on and you understood why Gonzalez could be traded – because of the financial flexibility they could get by combining Crawford also in the deal – it made more sense.”

“It just doesn’t happen this way; a guy in his prime who’s healthy gets moved in August,” said Heyman. “But Boston wanted the financial flexibility, and this was a very rare occasion where you had a team that had no interest in money.”

The Dodgers took on most what is owed to Gonzalez, with Boston only having to pay $12 million next year. What does it say about Gonzo that the Red Sox were willing to get rid of him if it meant getting rid of Josh Beckett? Did Gonzalez just never fit in Boston?

“Boston is a difficult place to play,” said Heyman. “I don’t think it’s that rare that a guy doesn’t fit in Boston. It’s a unique situation; a soap opera sometimes "

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