Kaufman: Is Farrell The Right Man For The Red Sox?

October 23, 2012 12:30 PM
Kaufman: Is Farrell The Right Man For The Red Sox?
" BOSTON (CBS) – When the Red Sox announced they had hired Bobby Valentine as their new manager nearly a year ago, I reacted as many of the players did.

With disgust.

I couldn’t have possibly been less excited about the idea of bringing in someone of his turbulent make-up to transform an organization that needed to find a new identity. It seemed most everyone other than team President and CEO Larry Lucchino could see that from a mile away – general manager Ben Cherington included — not that any of us could have actually predicted one of if not the worst and most dysfunctional seasons in the franchise’s last half-century.

Seriously, it made 2001 look like the glory days.

Now, mercifully, Bobby V is gone, leaving a pants-stain on what was otherwise a very successful last decade in which the Red Sox averaged 91 wins a season and won two World Series. Ask Larry, he’ll tell you all about it. Then he’ll write you a letter.

Read: Red Sox Introduce John Farrell

The new manager, courtesy of a three-year contract and exports of clam chowder to Toronto, is former Boston pitching coach John Farrell "

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