Massarotti: An Unhappy Papi, A Cop-Out By Red Sox Owners And Other Spring Observations

February 26, 2015 1:49 PM
Massarotti: An Unhappy Papi, A Cop-Out By Red Sox Owners And Other Spring Observations
BOSTON (CBS) — Sprinkling the infield while playing a game of catch(up):

" — If David Ortiz is smart, he’d write a check for $25,000, then hand it over to Major League Baseball in advance for violating baseball’s new pace-of-play initiative. Maybe MLB can even create a smartphone app so guys like Ortiz can pay their fines as if they were using the Dunkin’ Donuts app, auto-reload and all.

Because, let’s face it, the pace-of-play rules are being emphasized precisely for people like Ortiz.

This isn’t a slight on Ortiz, whose profanity-riddled rant on the pace-of-play rules yesterday was wildly entertaining. He made some good points. Pitchers are as big a part of the problem as hitters are – maybe more so – and penalizing one, without the other, is foolish. Baseball needs to move faster between pitches, plain and simple, and players need to make individual sacrifices in order to preserve the long-term health of a game that isn’t keeping up with the pace of the modern world.

Still, can Ortiz just do his part? Yeesh. Beyond his routine between pitches, urgency is not exactly in his makeup. He takes forever to circle the bases after home runs "

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