Massarotti: MLBPA Continues To Fail Baseball’s Middle Class

April 2, 2015 5:29 PM
Massarotti: MLBPA Continues To Fail Baseball’s Middle Class
" BOSTON (CBS) — Just the other day, the Associated Press reported that the average player salary in major league this year will be roughly $4.3 million. Amid the fallout of the Kris Bryant situation in Chicago, this got me wondering.

Exactly whom does the Major League Baseball Players Association serve?

Here’s the point: the average salary in MLB might be a projected $4.3 million this year, but we all know that number is skewed. Miguel Cabrera, Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer all make more than $30 million per season. Translated, Kershaw and 24 guys making $2.9 million each would amount to an average of $4 million, but we all know that number is grossly inflated.

What matters, of course, is the median salary in MLB, which last season was at about $1.45 million. This year, the number will certainly be higher – let’s say $1.6 million or $1.7 million. Meanwhile, major league players are now earning, by some reports, less than 40 percent of all MLB revenue, which places them below football, hockey and basketball players.

Let’s say that again: football, basketball and hockey players all earn roughly 50 percent of their respective sport’s revenue "

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