McAdam On Gresh & Zo: Lester Out Of Answers?

July 19, 2012 12:00 AM
McAdam On Gresh & Zo: Lester Out Of Answers?
" CSNNE Red Sox Insider, Sean McAdam was in Kansas City last week for the All-Star game and he filled Gresh & Zo in on why he hates the airport out West before moving on to Red Sox issues.

Jon Lester continues to struggle through this season and fans wonder if he’ll be able to turn things around at all.

Listen: Gresh & Zo: Lester’s Burden Of Expectations

“The other night he sounded like a guy at the end of his rope and he said, ‘I don’t know, I’ve done everything I can. I just got to go out and hope the results are different.’ When you hear that, when you hear a guy that says, I’ve tried everything, I’ve looked at video, we’ve compared my delivery to a couple years ago, we’ve worked on adjusting things, we’ve thrown bullpens on the side, we’ve looked at pitch selection and I still can’t get to what I need to do. That’s when you start to worry.”

Zo brought up how this issue with Lester is kind of like what’s going on with Daniel Bard down in Pawtucket "

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