McAdam On Gresh & Zo: ‘Waiting To See What Way This Tips’ As Deadline Closes In

July 27, 2012 12:00 AM
McAdam On Gresh & Zo: ‘Waiting To See What Way This Tips’ As Deadline Closes In
The trade deadline is approaching and with each passing day fan wonder will the Red Sox be buyers or sellers?

" Sean McAdam of Comcast SportsNet thinks what happens over the weekend will have a lot to do with what happens. If they win two out of three against the Yankees is that really going to sway their opinion?

“Well you wouldn’t think so and I’m not sure it should, but I think it might. That’s the sense I got talking to people in and outside the organization, that they really are kind of waiting to see what way this tips and look at the scale on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.”

If things don’t go well for the Sox over the weekend in New York and they become sellers who are some of the guys McAdam sees getting shipped out?

“I could see them certainly selling off a guy like Shoppach or Sweeney, someone who doesn’t necessarily fit into the long term picture here.” “I’m just not sure we’re going to get into full sell mode.”

The guys moved on to talk about the pitching situation "

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