Neck Stiffness Could Land Dice-K Back On DL

July 3, 2012 12:00 AM
Neck Stiffness Could Land Dice-K Back On DL
" BOSTON (CBS) – Daisuke Matsuzaka just got off the disabled list after recovering from Tommy John surgery.

Now, neck stiffness could land the Red Sox starter back on the DL.

Matsuzaka recorded just three outs Monday night against the Oakland Athletics, and said afterwards he experienced tightness in his neck leading up to the start.

The Red Sox were hoping he could work through the pain, but after seeing the results, there is a chance Matsuzaka ends up back on the disabled list.

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“Daisuke obviously didn’t have his good stuff tonight,” Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said after Monday’s 6-1 loss to the Athletics. “He went out with a crink in his neck, and we were hoping he was going to work through it.”

“A couple of days ago, it was stiff but it seemed like he worked through it,” Valentine said "

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