Opening Day Memory: When The 2013 Red Sox Showed They Were Different

March 31, 2014 4:46 PM
Opening Day Memory: When The 2013 Red Sox Showed They Were Different
" BOSTON (CBS) — Opening day is just one three-hour window into a season that will take many months to complete, yet there is a reason it is held in such high regard among sports fans.

Opening day represents a new beginning, and while that sounds like the cliche to end all cliches, one need only to look at last year’s Red Sox team to see why we say such things every year.

The Red Sox opened last year coming off one of the most embarrassing seasons in the franchise’s long history. The front office went to work to try to eliminate the stench of that 93-loss season by firing Bobby Valentine and replacing him with John Farrell, as well as adding clubhouse guys like Jonny Gomes, David Ross and Mike Napoli. They were positive steps, sure, but not many sane human beings believed the Red Sox would be champions by the end of October.

Yet on opening day, the team offered just a glimpse of its character, in one moment showing that the 2013 squad was vastly different than that 2012 abomination.

The Sox were leading 5-2 in Yankee Stadium in the ninth inning "

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