Papelbon Back At Fenway With Phillies

May 27, 2013 9:20 PM
Papelbon Back At Fenway With Phillies
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" BOSTON (CBS) – ├é┬áJonathan Papelbon is backward at Fenway Park, primed to set about the Boston Red Sox first as a visitor.

Papelbon, who signed away a four-year, $50-million business deal with the Phillies in November of 2011, salved a salve against his former social unit in his sole possibility past season, and at present may acquire a possibility to have it away ahead of the devices that hearten whenever he acted the pitcher's mound for the 9th inning "

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Papelbon on return to Fenway: 'Nothing going on here'

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On Saturday, even Papelbon himself probably heard the shouts when runs in back-to-back outings since being named the temporary closer,

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