Red Sox Make Lifelong Fan’s Dream Come True

September 13, 2013 10:42 PM
Red Sox Make Lifelong Fan’s Dream Come True
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" BOSTON (CBS) – In his long life, 87-year-old Allan Munroe has had two great loves and both names are engraved on a brick at Fenway Park. First of course, is his wife Norma. But not far behind, his kids say, are Allan’s beloved Red Sox.

Allan’s relationship with the team has been a long distance affair. He hasn’t been to a game at Fenway since he moved to Florida 50 years ago.

That changes this weekend. As Allan toured the ballpark, he took it all in with a smile.

“I’m just trying to enjoy Fenway Park while I can still get a kick out of it and know what’s going on up here,” he said.

But this long awaited journey back to baseball Mecca, begins with a loss. Norma passed away last year "

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