Red Sox Midseason Report Cards: Room For Improvement Across The Board

July 11, 2012 12:00 AM
Red Sox Midseason Report Cards: Room For Improvement Across The Board
" BOSTON (CBS) — How many times do you hear it? Johnny could get such better grades if he’d only¬†apply himself. It’s not that he’s a dumb kid, he just isn’t getting the good grades that he should be getting.

That right there is the story for the 2012 Boston Red Sox, a team with an astronomical payroll that sits in last place.

Of course, the payroll factor is mitigated by the bevy of injuries keeping a number of starters off the field, but championship teams endure similar setbacks but persevere. The Red Sox have not done that. Not even close.

They’re 43-43, tied with the Blue Jays, A’s and Tigers for the fourth-worst record in the American League.

In a city like Boston, that’s just not going to fly. And the midseason grades certainly reflect that.

Position: Manager Grade: B

Bobby Valentine’s done a lot of things wrong in front of a microphone, but in the dugout, he’s been about as good as he could be, given his circumstances. He’s craftily managed the bullpen, and he hasn’t feared shaking up the lineup "

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