Roche: A Few Red Sox Thoughts Ahead Of ALCS Game 3

October 15, 2013 1:00 PM
Roche: A Few Red Sox Thoughts Ahead Of ALCS Game 3
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" BOSTON (CBS) – ┬áHere are a few Red Sox thoughts as they get ready for Game 3 here in Detroit later this afternoon.

–It was interesting to watch how ho-hum David Ortiz has been about his grand slam in Game Two. His manager and teammates seem to be in awe of what David does. David Ross was saying on Monday that it’s something he can tell his kids years from now that he was a part of. Other players feel the same way.

Yet David just keeps cranking along at the age of 37 (soon to be 38). Deep down he has to be thrilled that he was able to add to his resume for the postseason. You also have to wonder if he’ll ever be seriously considered for the Hall of Fame because of his heroics "

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