Roche: Appreciate These Red Sox

September 20, 2013 11:22 AM
Roche: Appreciate These Red Sox
BOSTON (CBS) - ”Don’t hate… Appreciate.”

" That’s a saying that David Ortiz has used for years and I think it applies to this day.

I think we’ve forgotten how to enjoy our sports teams in this region. I really do.

We’re so critical and into finding out what’s wrong , looking ahead, etc., that we can’t stop and enjoy the moment.

The Boston Red Sox won 69 games last season. They were an embarrassment. It began with the historic collapse in 2011 and just kept on sinking. The owners couldn’t get out of the way. The GM couldn’t get out of town fast enough. The managers lost their way for many reasons and some of the players stopped caring.

But, in one of the greatest turnarounds in sports history, they have clinched a playoff spot, one of just five teams in the American League to do so. They will also clinch a division title, one of just three in the American League and six in all of baseball to do it. They will win a minimum of 93 games and likely between 96 and 100 "

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