Roche: Red Sox Ace The 2013 Chemistry Test

September 6, 2013 4:38 PM
Roche: Red Sox Ace The 2013 Chemistry Test
" BOSTON (CBS) — You can tell me all you want how much team chemistry means nothing in sports. I hear the argument all the time that “winning brings about great chemistry”.

I refuse to buy that.

Spend some time around the 2012 Red Sox and then around the 2013 edition and I think you’ll change your mind.

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington recognized a major problem early on with the ’12 team. A lot of his players 1) didn’t love the game and 2) didn’t like playing in a market like Boston.

That was a bad combination that didn’t get much help from a manager who was a bit on the stranger side. Having some of those players also didn’t help in trying to develop younger players. Young players are impressionable when they come up to the big leagues and that atmosphere within a clubhouse is not something you want them to be around if you’re the boss.

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So Cherington shipped out and let go of some of the players that were part of the problem, and then went out and found exactly the players that fit "

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