Roche: Red Sox, Umpires And The World’s Biggest Stage

October 27, 2013 4:30 PM
Roche: Red Sox, Umpires And The World’s Biggest Stage
BOSTON (CBS) – ┬áTime for some thoughts as the Red Sox wake up trying to figure out if “that really happened in Game 3 of a World Series” on Saturday night:

" – My first reactions to the final play of the game were:

Jim Joyce got the play right. That’s from the full speed play. I initially though Middlebrooks held Craig down and that Craig should have been awarded home right away, even before the play was over. After watching the replay, yes, they got tangled, but you couldn’t really argue strongly that Middlebrooks kept him down. In fact, Craig pushed him as he got up. However, any collision like that one cannot almost guarantee that the player be awarded the next base. It’s the nature of the play. Ball gets by, contact between receiver and runner and the runner gets that call.

I think it was the right call "

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