Roche: Time To End The Valentine Experiment

September 3, 2012 12:00 AM
Roche: Time To End The Valentine Experiment
" BOSTON (CBS) – This west coast trip has been nothing short of ugly for Bobby Valentine and the Boston Red Sox.

We just watched them get destroyed in Oakland to the tune of 33-5. Alfredo Aceves has thrown nearly 150 pitches in the past five days while converting to a starter. He also forced Dustin Pedroia to have a heated discussion with him in the dugout after trying to pick a runner off second multiple times in a blowout game.

Valentine showed up to the park just three hours before a game — which you never, ever hear of in the big leagues. His comments to the beat writers have been a bit odd lately as well.

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It has almost appeared as if Valetnine has either 1) completely lost interest in the job or, 2) is trying to get fired.

The Red Sox have to be disappointed in the way things have gone both on and off the field.

So, what do they do?

First off, after suspending him once already for three games, it looks like they may have to say goodbye to Aceves "

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