Sal Licata On The Adam Jones Show: Dustin Pedroia Is Better Than Robinson Cano

July 25, 2013 12:59 PM
Sal Licata On The Adam Jones Show: Dustin Pedroia Is Better Than Robinson Cano
" Here in Boston, even die-hard Red Sox fans are willing to admit that Robinson Cano might be a better all-around player than Dustin Pedroia. That doesn’t mean Red Sox fans have been clamoring for a second baseman swap, but just an admission that Cano’s a fine fielder with a little extra pop in his bat compared to Pedroia.

Yet, leave it to a voice from New York to make the case that Pedroia is the better player.

Sal Licata from SNY joined The Adam Jones Show on Wednesday night and said Pedroia’s contract extension showed the Cano won’t get the megabucks he’s hoping for after this season.

“Pedroia, a year younger, wanted an eight-year deal for $100 million. I don’t think Cano is going to get anything near $200 million for 10 years like he wanted. How could anybody do that?” Licata said "

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