Score Doesn’t Matter: Holt Makes Spectacular Catch In Right

July 22, 2014 1:49 PM
Score Doesn’t Matter: Holt Makes Spectacular Catch In Right
" BOSTON (CBS) — Monday night was just the 22nd game Brock Holt has played right field this season, but you’d think he was a lifelong gold glover thanks to a spectacular catch in the fifth inning.

When Toronto first baseman Dan Johnson lifted a line drive to deep right, Boston was sitting pretty with a 14-1 lead. But Holt didn’t care what the scoreboard said, and raced back to make a play. The infielder-turned-outfielder timed his leap perfectly, snagging the sharp liner out of the air just before ramming into the wall at the Rogers Centre.

“That wall gave a little bit better than the cement wall in Fenway that I landed on a few weeks ago,” Holt said of the catch after Boston’s win — the team’s fifth straight. “That’s the first time I’ve kind of crashed into one. No trouble, just dust yourself off, get up, throw the ball in and get ready for the next one.”

After making the grab, even Holt allowed himself to smile a little bit.

“Yeah, kind of can’t believe I caught that,” he explained. “[Dustin Pedroia] was laughing and smiling so I gave him one back "

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