Sizemore ‘Good To Go,’ Ready To Do What’s Best For Red Sox

February 10, 2014 3:14 PM
Sizemore ‘Good To Go,’ Ready To Do What’s Best For Red Sox
" BOSTON (CBS) – Grady Sizemore has missed all of the last two seasons and parts of the last four with a slew of knee and back injuries, leading many to wonder if the 31-year-old could return to his former All-Star form.

Since the last procedure on his right knee in September 2012, Sizemore has been working hard to return to the diamond. He wasn’t ready to play in 2013, so he didn’t sign with any team and sat out the season (despite a few contract offers in the closing months). Though it was the right move for Sizemore, it meant another year of rehab and away from the game.

But after signing a one-year contract with the Red Sox just a few weeks ago, he’s finally back on the practice field with a team, and away from those rehab┬áregimens┬áthat have filled his days since 2010.

“It’s all I’ve known,” Sizemore said of rehabbing his numerous ailments. “It’s definitely frustrating and I’m sick of it "

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