The 25 Best Jon Lester #SmearCampaign Tweets

December 10, 2014 3:52 PM
The 25 Best Jon Lester #SmearCampaign Tweets
" BOSTON (CBS) — By now you’ve probably heard of the big news in MLB free agency that went down early this morning.

Instead of picking the Red Sox and returning home to Boston, top free agent Jon Lester inked a six-year deal with the Chicago Cubs worth $155 million. You can’t blame the lefty ace, because the Red Sox offer was well short — both now (six years $135 million) and in spring training (four years $70 million).

It’s hard saying good bye to a player of Lester’s caliber, someone who helped the Red Sox earn two World Series wins. But parting ways is a heck of a lot easier when bad stuff is said about the person on their way out the door, which has become commonplace for the Red Sox under the John Henry ownership.

Rather than let Red Sox management dictate the discussion and influence the masses about losing Lester, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Billy Lanni and James Stewart decided to get ahead of the curve and started their own smear campaign on Twitter Wednesday morning — all in jest, of course "

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