Toucher & Rich: What Would Jonny Gomes Do?

June 4, 2014 2:06 PM
Toucher & Rich: What Would Jonny Gomes Do?
" BOSTON (CBS) – Jonny Gomes is a lightning rod for Red Sox fans. Love him or hate him, he says and does some pretty peculiar things.

When Toucher and Rich interviewed Gomes during spring training, he talked about all of his near-death experiences. Suffice it to say: his life story is pretty crazy.

He’s survived a heart attack, a wolf attack, falling off a cliff and has had guns pulled on him multiple times. Did I mention when he was 15-years-old he caught on fire?

SEE ALSO: Toucher & Rich Play ‘Is It Jonny Gomes Or An 80′s Wrestler?’

Jonny Gomes is a pretty badass dude, but don’t you dare try and disrespect him in a public setting. T&R played a little game on Wednesday, where Rich lays out a made-up scenario and it’s up to Fred and Wallach to decide how it would end "

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