What Needs To Happen For Red Sox To Make Playoffs?

July 25, 2012 12:00 AM
What Needs To Happen For Red Sox To Make Playoffs?
BOSTON (CBS) — With less than a week left before MLB’s trading deadline, you keep hearing the same question around Boston: Are the Red Sox buyers or sellers?

" The answer, of course, depends on one’s opinions, feelings and hopes for the next two-plus months of baseball. Specifically, one must decide if the Red Sox will be in position to secure a wild-card berth and have the chance to win a one-game playoff to advance to the ALDS.

But what exactly would need to happen for the Red Sox to do that? We could sit here and debate our personal beliefs all we want, or we could crunch some numbers and try to find a much more useful solution.

I’ll choose option B.

In case you aren’t fully aware, the new playoff format that was installed for this season calls for two wild-card winners. Those two teams will be the two non-division-winning squads in their respective leagues with the best records, and they will play each other in a one-game playoff, with the winner advancing to the ALDS and the loser packing up its locker room and heading home for the winter "

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