Youkilis: ‘I’m Definitely Over It’

June 29, 2012 12:00 AM
Youkilis: ‘I’m Definitely Over It’
BOSTON (CBS) — After being traded away from the only professional baseball organization he’s ever known, how long would it take Kevin Youkilis to move on emotionally and mentally?

" As it turns out, not long at all.

The new White Sox third baseman spoke Thursday in the visitors’ clubhouse at Yankee Stadium. It was scattered with significantly fewer reporters than were there for his visits in a Red Sox uniform, and he told them that he’s already moved on.

“Oh yeah, I’m definitely over it,” he said, according to the Metro. “The past few days have been a lot easier. Once that first series is over, kind of getting on a plane for the first time and knowing where to sit and where people sit on the bus, it’s like being a rookie again. I’m over that now and I am just excited.”

Though Youkilis went 0-for-4 in Thursday’s win over the Yankees, he had gone 5-for-12 with a pair of RBIs in his first three games with Chicago "

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